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Athens Food and Wine Tours give you the opportunity to enjoy a true Greek Experience! Avoid the big groups and have an amazing time eating and drinking like an Athenian!

Athens Food Tour

Athens Food and Wine Tours

Food is vital for our nutrition, but it also has important cultural role that makes it more than what's on our plates. Food is a portal into a culture, that’s how the Greek Mediterranean cuisine reflects its history. Greek food conveys the practices, attitudes, beliefs and values of the Greek society. Different types of food service establishments such as traditional Greek cuisine tavernas and fish tavernas, contemporary casual restaurants (mezedopolia) and fine restaurants, meat and fish markets, delis, cafeterias, food stands, the options are unlimited. Also, with several different food tours we provide a unique chance to explore the Greek mentality through food. Street food, olive oil tastings, wine tastings, traditional food, modern food, the list goes on and on! The best way to discover the richness of Greek flavors is by having a private food tour or join a small group up to 8 persons.

Also, wine and spirits are another lovely discovery challenge that you will have in Greece. Thousand years of winemaking history offer you today some amazing wine varieties of exceptional wineries! Every place in Greece has different local wine varieties and having the chance to taste some of them is an amazing experience that should not be missed! Cooking classes of Greek traditional meals of high quality are hard to be found but joining in one of our tours won’ t let you down. ​

€53 athens street food

Athens Street Food Tour – 10 Amazing Tastings

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€64 People enjoying - Food Tour – Tastes and Traditions of Athens

Athens Food Small Group Tour – Tastes and Traditions

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People holding glasses of wine, Athens Food and Wine Tours

Day trips from Athens with Food and Wine Tours

Take the opportunity to combine a day tour with amazing lunches or dinners or with a visit to a local winery!

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€71 Temple Of Artemis Vravrona
€142 Tour list image

Marathon Private Tour with lunch

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