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Athens is a unique starting point for amazing Private Day Trips. Some of the biggest must see in Greece like Ancient Corinth, Delphi, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Marathon, Temple of Poseidon or the Temple of Artemis are great day trips.

Athens has at 2 hours driving distance numerous places with great monuments and nature. Take a Private Day Trips in Athens and visit them the easy way. Travel with a private luxurious mini van or mini bus and not a big bus crowded with other travelers. Start on time and don’t loose several hours picking up travelers from several locations of Athens. Why lose precious time while waiting for other travelers to join the tour around Athens? Rember, you are a traveler not a taxi driver. Also, you can customize the tour as you like it and of course have a lunch with Greek specialties without having in mind the time!  

€160 Mercedes V CLass VIP MiniVan, Limo Service Athens Greece

Limo Service Athens Greece, Exclusive and VIP services!

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€45 The Temple of Poseidon At Sounion from above

Day Trip Temple of Poseidon with Lunch

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Trip Planner For Greece

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€21 Sunset at the Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion

Sunset Temple Of Poseidon Private Tour

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€71 Temple Of Artemis Vravrona
€73 Marathon museum, Marathon Tour
€142 Tour list image

Marathon Private Tour with lunch

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Temple Poseidon from Athens Guided Private Tour

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