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With Athens Food and Winery Tours you will immerse yourself in the Greek culinary culture. Food is vital for our nutrition, but it also has important cultural role that makes it more than what’s on our plates. Food is a portal into a culture, that’ s how the Greek Mediterranean cuisine reflects its history. Greek food conveys the practices, attitudes, beliefs and values of the Greek society.

Food Tour Athens

Experience the true vibe of Athens by way of joining us on a food tasting excursion of the metropolis that spreads throughout the historical town middle and throught Athens colourful neighboring districts and suburbs. We will lead you to carefully selected traditional tavernas Greek restaurants, deli’s and shops all over the town. Have the chance to meet local Athenians whose passion is to serve true and delicious Greek food, accompanied with the everyday warm-hearted Greek hospitality. With Private Tour Athens, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the captivating sights, have the opportunity to taste mouth-watering delicacies of the Greek cuisine and pay attention the tales that lie in the back of the traditional Greek dishes.

Different types of food service establishments such as traditional Greek cuisine tavernas and fish tavernas, contemporary casual restaurants (mezedopolia) and fine restaurants, meat and fish markets, delis, cafeterias, food stands, the options are unlimited. Different types of food tours provide a unique chance to explore the Greek mentality through food. Street food, olive oil tastings, wine tastings, traditional food, modern food, the list goes on and on! The best way to discover the richness of Greek flavors is by having a private food tour or join a small group up to 8 persons.

Winery Tours Athens

Also, wine and spirits are another lovely discovery challenge that you will have in Greece. Thousand years of winemaking history offer you today some amazing wine varieties of exceptional wineries! Every place in Greece has different local wine varieties and having the chance to taste some of them is an amazing experience that should not be missed!

We strive to customize your visit to Athens so we have cautiously designed our meals tasting tours to match a wide range of guests. If you’re a wine lover, then why no longer be a part of us on our ‘Wineries Tours’ at the Athens Superbs! Sip on a style of quality Greek wines at the same time as coming across the dreamlike place of Plaka. 

We provide a unique culinary revel in with the aid of imparting our guests with best the real taste of real Greek cooking that makes use of clean, nearby produce. Some of the scrumptious Greek foods you may be tasting include; the well-known Greek yogurt, an huge variety of olives, olive oil lessons and tastings and desserts like freshly baked bougatsa and loukoumades for dessert. Amazing local breakfasts like cheese pie (the Greek tyropita) and koulouri and the list goes on.

Have the chance to enjoy the unique in Athens Summer Food Tour that is at the seaside superb of Artemida! Taste amazing Greek delicacies, meze dishes, tsipouro, tyropita and many more! Avoid the crowded places and join us at an open space private tour just 30 minutes from Athens! You can even have a swim at one of the biggest beaches in Greece if you want! 

Athens has amazing choices for food and a lot of tourist traps. The best way to avoid them and have a real local experience is to trust someone that really loves food! Avoid the usual food tours and join a small group or ask for a private tour. 

Athens Wine Tours

Take a break from your tight business schedule or spend a day besides visiting the cultural sites of Athens while you are on holidays to discover interesting local wine varieties. Athens, the Capital of Greece, is producing a variety of local wines. Attica and Athens are producing high quality wines for more than 3000 years! You can say  that we are experts in the wine making! We work with local wineries that are not usually open for a visit! Traditional wineries with a long history and a great future! Try local varieties that will surprise you with their quality, taste and aromas! The two major viticultural zones are Mesogeia and North Attica. The main variety of the region is Savatiano, a white variety, followed by Roditis, Assyrtiko, Malagousia and Chardonnay. In this region we will also find the following red varieties of Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The zone also produces the known Retsina (a resinated wine).

You will have the chance to see nice wineries that have adopted modern vinification methods, meet the people who recount intriguing stories about the history of wine in the region and most importantly get introduced to the local wine varieties. After learning a lot about the wine production in the region of Attika and tasting exceptional award winning wines luxuriate in a delicious sea food lunch by the sea and the sun. Like Homer once said that “Dionysus opens the gate of the heart”. Finally, time to serve your souls on a wine tasting in Athens, with flavours, aromas and landscapes of Santorini, Nemea, Mantineia, Amyntaion, Attica and Crete. It’s indigenous (endemic) grape varieties testify to a rich and ancient vinicultural history, grown on the hillsides since before the Parthenon. Trust me, feel safe, relax and enjoy a tasty trip. As a local food guide for 20 years that’s the least I can do.

Are you interested in a different Athens Food and Winery Tours? Just contact us and we will arrange a custom tour just for you!

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