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Have a Local Experiences in Athens and live the way Greeks do! Take things in a slow pace, have a lunch, a coffee or a dinner while you are exploring the amazing monuments of Athens. You are in Greece so live like a Greek! 

Have some mezedes, eat Greek specialties, take a ood tour, eat by the sea. Athens is not just the center of the city! Visit Marathon where the battle took place and is the begginign of the most historic race. Choose the Temple of Artemis with lunch or a wine tour! Local Experiences in Athens is wine, food and coffee not sightseeing!

from: €45 Souvlakia Athens Food Tour

Athens Food Hopping Tour – Authentic Taste of Greece

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from: €49 Temple Of Artemis Vravrona
from: €67 Temple Of Artemis Vravrona
from: €78 Tour list image
from: €87 Athens Private City Tours

National Archaeological Museum and Athens Food Tour

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from: €55 Parthenon, Athens, Acropolis, Acropolis Tour