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Epidaurus Theatre
Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus and Asklepieion is one of the most visited monuments in Greece. The unique importance of archaeological findings reflect the splendour of Greek culture through its imposing beauty.

Built in 340 BC by Polykleitos the Younger is a unique architectural achievement. The way it is integrated into the amazing site and the unique nature of the area and the incredible acoustics amaze all the visitors even after 3000 years! Most important Epidaurus Theatre is the most beautiful and best preserved of all ancient Theatres in Greece.

The main use was during the “Epidauria” festivities  by the visitors of the Aesculapius Sanctuary. “Epidauria” were held regularly every four years and the capacity of the theatre was 13,000 spectators!

The Ancient Theatre Of Epidaurus

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is divided into two parts. The first has a 21-rows of seats part, aimed for the citizens and the second a 34-rows of seats part aimed for the priests and rulers. Epidaurus Theatre is still used today during the summer. Actually is one of the most important Theaters in the world and world class artists want to perform at this unique theatre. The archaeological site of Epidaurus is one of the absolute must see once you are in Greece. The Theatre’s entrance is consisted by two galleries with 6 columns, and is built in Ionian and Corinthian style.Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

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What will you see at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

Some of the most important monuments of ancient Greece stand still at this astounding archaeological site. Also, during your visit you will see the Temple of Artemis, the sanctuary of Asklepios, the Tholos, the Enkoimeterion (dormitory) and the Propylaia.

Asklepios’ was the son of Apollo and Koronis, granddaughter of King Malos of Epidaurus. His worshiping was established in the sixth century BC. Asklepios, was the protector of human health and personal happiness. His Sanctuary at Kynortion was quickly overwhelmed by a great number of visitors. In order to help treat more people a new sanctuary was founded in the plain. It is built 1 km northwest of Kynortion Hill, at the place where the myth said that Asklepios was born. The two sanctuaries, one dedicated to Apollo Maleatas and the other to Asklepios. Both of them were known under the common name of Sanctuary of Apollo Maleatas and Asklepios.

 The Roman era

The Asklepion managed to flourish again during the Imperial Roman times and particularly after the 250 AD. The Roman consul Antonine managed to find money in order to refurbish the old buildings. At the same time he  started the construction of new ones. During this period, Pausanias visited, admired and described in detail the sanctuary and its monuments.

The excavations to the area began in 1881 and the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus was added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites in 1988.

Mycenae Epidaurus Nafplio lunch
Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
Mycenae Epidaurus Nafplio lunch
Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

What was Asclepieia

Archaeological evidence give us proof that Asclepieia offered in antiquity what we nowadays call holistic health care. The therapies and treatments practiced by the mystic-physicians were extremely sophisticated. Also, centuries of observation of nature, the human body and the interdependence of mental harmony and physical health created a complex medical context for healing, which proved extremely effective.

Also, on the site of the imposing Asklepieion the existence of an even older sanctuary and healing centre has been confirmed. That was dedicated to a female fertility goddess. Later Apollo was worshipped on the same site, also as a god of healing. This lasted until Asklepios, who was thought to have been born in Epidaurus, took over divine responsibility for medical care. 

A must see destination

Private Tour Athens highly recommend paying a visit during your stay to Greece to this Great Theater. Epidaurus theater is one of the most visited attractions.

It is a special place for everyone to visit and it is recommended to be combined either with Ancient Corinth or with Mycenae and Nafplion. Take the chance to enjoy this magnificent Theatre with a private tour and a luxurious car of mini van and avoid the big groups.


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