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The Temple of Athena Nike stands on the southwest corner of the Acropolis, adjacent to the Propylaea. Athena Nike means victorious Athens and the the Temple is on her honour. Due to its position many visitors tends to miss the temple of Athena Nike. They think that is part of the Propylaea!

As you begin to enter the enormous Propylaia you must turn to your right and look up. You now see the shrine of Athena Nike standing on a section of projecting rock. Built around 420 BC the temple has a unique position. The demolishion of the Temple took place in 1686. The Turks  demolished the Temple in order to use the stones for defenses. 

The reconstraction of the Temple took place 1834 some years after the independence of Greece. The had problems with the concrete floor so in 1998 it was dismantled so that the floor could be replaced.

Even though the Temple is the smallest on the Acropolis of Athens it is a very important monument. Built in the honor of Athena Nike, the goddess of victory the Temple had two meanings. The shrine honoured the parton goddess Athena and it also stood as a symbol of Athens’ military and political strength.

The Acropolis museum exhibits some fragments of the site before the destraction of the Temple by the Persians  in 480 BC. Sculptures from the decoration are also at the Museum like the deeds of Hercules. Above all you can see the statue of Moscophoros, a damaged sculpture of a goddess credited to Praxiteles. Also you will see epigraphic dedications, decrees, and stelae.

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