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PrivateTour Who we are?

We have 20 years experience in premium thematic tours designing and offering classic, new and inspiring tours in Greece. Our main focus is that the traveler enjoys all aspects of the tour. Before a tour is organized, we are taking long walks at the places we are going to guide you. We taste the food, we check the places, we ride with the Mini Van and we check the drivers and the guides. We want the tour to be unique and an unforgettable experience.

Our main themes include culture, archaeology, mythology, natural monuments, food and wine and aspects of the traditional Greek way of living – and all of these offered with a fresh perspective. We offer personalized experience, our motto is be a traveler, not tourist.

Athens and Greece is not just the magnificent ancient temples and history. We offer great gastronomical choices and we think that going to Acropolis is the half picture. This is what tourist do. We want to do be a traveler and not a tourist! You can combine it with a food tour at the same time, take a slow pace like the locals do!

The best way to enjoy a travel is to live it like a local! Learn and visit places beyond the must see of Athens. Do you know Marathon and the historic battle that defined the western civilization of the western world? The origin of the classic and most difficult race of the world? How about the Temple of Artemis in Brauron? Two perfect places that can be combined with a winery tour, a coffee by the sea or even a swim at the close by great beaches in the summer? Athens is not just the center of the city. It is surrounded with beautiful beaches.

You must have heard of Epidaurus, Olympia, Mycenae and Sparta

This are great sights and places to visit. All of them are in the little-known region of the Peloponnese, home to illustrious Classical, Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian sites. You can also visit in Peloponnese the Castle of Mystras, Sparta, Corinth, the beautiful Mainalon Mountain and its spruce forests.  There is a surprising history and mythology and/or natural beauty all over Peloponnese. We can arrange of course a an 8 or 10 hours tour to Olympia or Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplion but you will be exhausted after the first place you visit. We do not recommend it. You can do the same tour for two or three days combine them all and have at the same time a culinary experience and see more things at a slower pace.

Greece is a place with an endless variety of natural monuments, which include mountain lakes, forbidding peaks, friendly hills, breath-taking grottoes, wild promontories and gently-rolling vineyard country. Did you know that Athens has a 5000 years history of wine making? A tour at wineries in Attica is magnificent and though little known. You can choose a wine tasting at the city center or actually visit the wineries!

Wherever you go you will see an ever-changing mosaic of sights, scents, sounds and colors. We offer small-group tours as well as programmes for families and individual travelers. Our tours are conducted round the year and are all supported and escorted by our licensed guides.

We can also create a unique tour half or full day all you have to do is just ask for it!



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