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Ancient Corinth from Athens, Private Guided Tour

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Ancient Corinth Day Tours
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Ancient Corinth from Athens, Private Guided Tour

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth the once great city-state on the Isthmus, a unique private tour. Visit this magnificent ancient city at a narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnese to the mainland of Greece. Corinth was one of the most important cult centres for the Goddess of Love throughout its history.

Ancient Corinth
Ancient Corinth

On this Ancient Corinth private Tour from Athens City, you will drive along the scenic coast to the Corinth Canal.

The Ancient Corinth was built at the meeting point of Southern and Northern Greece. The ancient Greek hero Jason and his wife Medea lived at this ancient town. Above all this is the city that St. Paul lived and preached for two years.

With its spectacular mountainside setting looking out over the Gulf of Corinth, the ancient city of Corinth is one of the most impressive in the Peloponnese. The remarkably preserved Roman ruins are the star attraction for visitors, while the modern town of Corinth sits on the coast, a short drive from the famous Corinth Canal.

The Temple of Apollon, built in the middle of the 6th century BCE, is probably the most famous testimony of the splendour of the ancient city. A particular feature of the temple is the use of monolithic columns rather than the more commonly used column drums. Seven columns remain standing today.
Noteworthy is the great agora, which probably dates back to the 4th century BCE and would not have changed much during the following centuries.

Corinth Canal

During the Ancient Corinth private tour you visit the Corinth Canal. Linking mainland Greece to the Peloponnese Peninsula, the Roman-built Corinth Canal is an impressive feat of engineering. A hugely important navigational route during the 19th century. The dramatic cliffs provide a thrilling backdrop for sightseeing cruises.


Acrocorinth “Upper Corinth”, the Acropolis of Ancient Corinth, is a monolithic rock overseeing the ancient city of Corinth, Greece. “It is the most impressive of the Acropolis in mainland Greece”, in the estimation of George Forrest. Acrocorinth was continuously occupied from archaic times to the early 19th century. The city’s archaic acropolis, already an easily defensible position due to its geomorphology, was further heavily fortified during the Byzantine Empire as it became the seat of Hellas and later of the Peloponnese. Leo Sgouros defended the castle against the Crusaders for three years.

Afterwards it became a fortress of the Frankish Principality of Achaea, the Venetians and the Ottoman Turks. With its secure water supply, Acrocorinth fortress was used as the last line of defence in southern Greece because it commanded the Isthmus of Corinth, repelling foes from entry into the Peloponnese peninsula. Three circuit walls formed the man-made defense of the hill. The Temple Aphrodite was at the highest peak on the site. The American School’s Corinth Excavations began excavations on it in 1929. Currently, Acrocorinth is one of the most important medieval castle sites of Greece.

In a Corinthian myth related in the 2nd century CE to Pausanias, Briareus, was the arbitrator in a dispute between Poseidon and Helios. The dispute between the sea and the sun. His verdict was that the Isthmus of Corinth belonged to Poseidon and the acropolis of Corinth (Acrocorinth) to Helios.

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  • Private ancient Corinth and Corinth Canal tour from Athens
  • Travel the Isthmus of Corinth to ancient Corinth, once a prosperous classical city
  • Explore the ruins to see highlights such as the Temple of Apollo and step from where St. Paul preached
  • View the steep-sided Corinth Canal, built between the Corinthian and Saronic Gulfs in 1893
  • Private air-conditioned transport, with Athens hotel or Piraeus pickup and drop-off included
Return Time14:00
  • .Tour 100% exclusive to your group
  • .Professional English speaking Licensed Guide
  • .Pickup and return from your Athens Hotel or Residence
  • .Lunch
  • .Gratuities
  • .Entry/Admission - Ancient Corinth (Archaia Korinthos)
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