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Taverna Hopping Food Tour – Authentic Taste of Greece

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Athens Food and Wine Tours
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Taverna Hopping Food Tour – Authentic Taste of Greece

Food Hopping tour

Our Athens Food Hopping Tour is the ultimate way to eat like a local in Greece! Join our private local guide and walk around the old city of Athens having a real food tour, not just food sampling! Above all, Athens is famous not only for the marvelous ancient sights and the sea but also for the gastronomy! Enjoy a perfect food slow pace tour and learn everything about the Greek gastronomy!

Take the opportunity to eat many different Greek delicacies from the delicious dessert loukoumades and bougatsa to feta cheese and the famous Greek olive oil. Learn about the eating habits of Greeks and how the food culture developed through the centuries, keeping its main character. Taste many different street food and relax while you eat at carefully chosen tavernas and hidden spots. Avoid the usual tourist places that most of the food tours will take you! Athens has a magnificent character as a city and walking around the old city of Plaka will give you the opportunity to get to know it!

The Taverna Hopping Food Tour of Athens

Taste a traditional tyropita (cheese pie), a koulouri, the famous Greek Feta and Graviera cheese. Taste the best souvlaki in Athens, eat like a local and visit two different traditional Tavernas!


Fresh koulouria the best snack

The most common snack in Greece is Koulouri. You will find it everywhere you look. In the Streets, the bakeries, super markets, this is the favorite street food for the locals. It is round and looks like a bagel but it tastes more like a bread with a lot of sesami that covers it. Locals also eat it for breakfast or they do a sandwich with it!

Tyropita, breakfast and snack!

People Having a Tyropita tasting Athens Food Hopping Tour
Athens Food Hopping Tour, tyropita tasting

The next tasting in our food tour in Athens is a delicious tyropita. It is a Greek Pie with cheese and phyllo pastry. Tyropita comes at a very close second position after koulouri as a favorite snack and breakfast in Greece. We will have the opportunity to talk about pies and the reason that they are a very big part of the Greek cuisine.

Peynirli, the boat shaped snack

Peynirli ready for the oven, Food Tour Athens
Peynirli, Food Tour Athens

Next we will try a Peynirli. This amazing boat snack has its origins in the Middle East. At the of 19th century came to Greece and it was refugees from Smyrna (Izmir) that made it popular to the rest of the country. Its taste has a lot of similarities with pizza depending on what you fill it with. We will have the chance to eat it fresh from the oven!

Saganaki and special Eggs

A plate with the best Saganaki in Athens, taverna hopping Food Tour
Saganaki, Food Tour Athens

Next stop at Taverna to eat the best saganaki in Athens! Saganaki is fried cheese and this is made with an amazing kefalograviera! Saganaki is a very loved food in Greece and you will find it almost everywhere! But we will try a very special one. Probably the best we have ate in Athens. Also, at the taverna we will also have some fired eggs with soutzouki (something between salami and sausage), a spicy food that Greeks eat with some tsipouro or ouzo.

Food Tour Athens, special Olive Oil Tasting

People enjoying the Olive Oil Tasting
Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil tasting Food Tour Athens

Greece is famous for the Olive Oil that produces. A proper food tour has always an olive oil tasting but this is a special one. We will taste several different Olive Oils that are certified for medical use! They look like common olive oils but they are so rich in certain Nutrients that can be used supportively for therapy, treatment and prevention of medical conditions.

Souvlaki, the King of Street food

Two delicious souvlakia, from the best shop in Athens
Traditional Souvlaki

After the olive oil tasting it is time for a souvlaki. The chance that you have not heard of souvlaki is very small. It is extremely possible that you have tasted one too. Though a food tour in Athens must include the best souvlaki in Athens. As a matter of fact this is one is not the classic souvlaki. It is special and different that the ones you will find in Athens and Greece. So after the Olive oil tasting straight to the best souvlaki in Athens!

Traditional Taverna

Delicious kleftiko, feta in the oven and tzatziki
Food Tour Athens

After the souvlaki, our next stop is to a traditional taverna that has amazing food. Locals love it and it is not very easy to be found! We will have some meat roasted on a souvla and amazing grilled feta cheese. So, you will have the chance to eat like a real local in the heart of Athens!

Loukoumades, the Greek donut

Finally our food tour will give you the chance to taste some loukoumades. They look like small donuts but they are not. Made with dough and fried in front of you are the perfect dessert after your lunch! With honey or praline it is up to you!

Live the Athenian food culture

Greece and food goes along for many centuries! So you will have the chance to be introduced in the evolution of the Mediterranean diet and the healthy local products that formed the Modern Greek cuisine. Overall, our food tour in Athens has a lot of tastings and food, not just food sampling and gives you the real taste of Greece. So keep your appetite! There are limited choices for other dietary restrictions such as gluten-free or dairy-free. If you any of the above dietary requirements or serious FOOD ALLERGIES please contact us or call us before purchasing tickets. Book now the best Food Tour in Athens, Greece. The Taverna Hopping tour!

Good to know

  • Eat a light breakfast, as there will be plenty of food!
  • It’s ideal all year round, rain or shine.
  • The tour is perfect for families, as children will be very involved in the tastings, keeping them interested throughout the tour.

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• Learn the heritage of Greek cuisine Experience
• Visit various specialty food shops in Athens
• Small group limited to 12 people for a more personalized experience
• Sample Greece’s tastiest dishes on this food and walking tour through Athens.
• Breakfast like an Athenian with koulouri
• Bite into classic Greek Tyropita at a shop with 100 years history
• Visit a traditional deli and have a unique olive oil tasting
• Try the best souvlaki in Athens
• Visit two different tavernas

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  • .Traditional Greek pies
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  • .Olive Oil Tasting
  • .The best souvlaki in Athens
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