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Athens Greek Mythology and Legends Tour

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Acropolis Athens Private Tours
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Athens Greek Mythology and Legends Tour

Temple of Olympian Zeus - Tourist Attractions in Athens

Join the Athens Greek Mythology and Legends Tour! Α unique private tour in Athens and indulge in the Olympian Gods, the ancient religion of Greece. Athens was the most important city of the ancient world and with this walking tour you will have the chance to learn everything about the city, the religion and the customs of the era. At the same time you will visit some of the best of sights in Athens. From Zeus, the father of Gods, to Athena and Poseidon and finally to Hephaestus you will stroll in the center of Athens and have a magnificent tour!

The Athens Greek Gods, Mythology and Legends Tour

Small lake inside the Athens National Gardens
Athens National Gardens

The tour will start from Syntagma Square and the Parliament. From there you will go walking to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, passing by or through (it is up to you) the National Gardens. An amazing park in the middle of Athens. A walk in peace and quiet that will let you relax and forget about the city!

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple Of Olympian Zeus, Athens Greek Gods Tour
Temple Of Olympian Zeus, Athens Greek Gods Tour

The biggest majestic Temple of the Ancient Greek World dedicated to “Olympian” Zeus. Zeus was the leader of the Olympus gods and the name of the Temple symbolizes exactly that. His position among the rest of the ancient Greek Gods. The construction of the Temple took more than 600 years to complete. The Athenian Tyrants started the construction in the 6th century BC. The tyrants wanted to build the greatest temple in the ancient world. Though the temple was not completed until the Roman Emperor Hadrian. He decided to complete the Enormous Temple in the 2nd century AD.

The Temple had 104 columns and many enormous statues inside and around it. The largest Temple of the Ancient world. You can  only see the remainings of the Temple but still you will be in awe of the size and the aura of the monument. Not a lot of tours will get you to this magnificent monument, so seize the opportunity not just to visit it but to have a licensed guide escorting you!

Hadrian Arch

The Hadrian Arch from below
Hadrian Arch

After the Temple Of Olympian Zeus we will start our walking towards the Acropolis. On the way you will understand why Athens is a living Museum! Right outside the Temple you will be able to see the Hadrian’s’ Arch. Greeks call it Hadrian’s Gate and it is a monumental gateway resembling a Roman triumphal arch. Built in order to honor the the Roman Emperor Hadrian for his many benefactions to the city including the Temple Of Zeus! There are two inscriptions on the arch, facing in opposite directions, naming both Theseus and Hadrian as founders of Athens.

Lysicrates Monument

Photo of Lysicrates Monument
Lysicrates Monument

At the other side of the road you will be able to see the last visible Choragic Monument in Athens. The Lysicrates Monument was erected by the choregos Lysicrates. Choregoi (sponsors) took the obligation finance musical and theatrical performances every year. It was a very big honor but also a way for Athens to avoid the wealthy Athenians to get to rich! Being a choregos costed a lot of money but the honor was enormous. If your play won the theatrical games you where allowed to built a Choragic monument so that the Athenians would remember you! The Lysicrates monument is known as the first use of the Corinthian order on the exterior of a building.

Acropolis and Parthenon

The Temple of Parthenon Greek Gods Tour, Mythology and Legends
Parthenon Greek Gods Tour, Mythology and Legends

From the Lysicrates Monument we will start our walking to the Acropolis and the Parthenon! The cradle of the western Civilization. The magnificent Temple of Athena that tower over the city of Athens for more than 2500 years. Learn about the mythology and the legends of the city! Also, hear about the story of the hill from the ancient times to the modern years. You will also see the Erechtheion and the Temple of Nikae, the Dionysus Theater, the Temple of Asklepios and the propylaea.

Ancient Agora and Temple of Hephaestus

Statues inside Ancient Agora, Athens Greek Gods Tour
Ancient Agora, Athens Greek Gods Tour

After the Acropolis the tour continues through Monastiraki Square to the Ancient Agora of Athens and the fascinating Temple of Hephaestus. Ancient Agora was the political and administrative heart of ancient Athens. An amazing place with peace and quite that you will savor in you heart for ever! Walk at the same place thaw Pericles, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle walked and learn everything about the first democracy and how it worked!

Temple Of Hephaestus, Athens Greek Gods Tour
Temple Of Hephaestus, Athens Greek Gods Tour

Inside the Ancient Agora you will be able to visit the Hephaisteion  or earlier as the Theseion. One of the best preserved Ancient Greek Temples. The building stands mostly as it was built at the 7th century BC. It is a Doric peripteral temple (only columns surrounds it) located at the north-west side of the Agora of Athens, on top of the Agoraios Kolonos hill. This is a unique private tour that will give you a deep knowledge of the Ancient Athens. Enjoy the unique Athens Greek Gods Tour, Mythology and Legends. Learn about the ancient Greek world at your own pace. The walking is pretty big so if you want you can use the metro with the help of your licensed guide and save time and get the opportunity to rest!

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  • Ancient Agora of Athens
  • Temple of Hephaestus
  • Stoa of Attalos
  • Museum of the Ancient Agora
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