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Athens Street Food Tour – 10 Amazing Tastings

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Athens Food and Wine Tours
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Athens Street Food Tour – 10 Amazing Tastings

athens street food

Athens is a unique paradise of Street food and there is no way that you will not taste some of it with a tour or on your own. The choices are endless even if you are a vegan or a vegetarian! Our tour starts at Syntagma square and is around Plaka and the center of Athens. Several things have contributed to a great street food culture that is continuously evolving the street food in Greece.

Athens Breakfast street food, Koulouri and Tyropita

Fresh baked Tyropita, Athens Greek Food Guide

Have the chance to taste several different delicacies like Koulouri and Tyropita the usual Greek breakfast (yes Greeks love street food for breakfast!). Koulouri is like a bagel but covered with sesame and practically has grown generations of Greeks. It is so popular that you will find it in every corner literally. Tyropita is a Greek pie with phyllo pastry and cheese. Notably, the traditional recipe that you will taste it is with feta cheese and has almost 100 years of history! The same shop, the same recipe for 100 years. This is a very serious tyropita as you understand.

Sweet Street Food, the Bougatsa

Fresh bougatsa pie with powder sugar and cinnamon

The Bougatsa and Loukoumades are the dessert street food in Greece! Originally, Bougatsa was more popular in Northern Greece but is so tasty that it is made all over Greece. Bougatsa looks like tyropita but this phyllo pastry is actually called bougatsa and the fillings are different. In the south when you talk about bougatsa you mean with cream, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. In the North bougatsa is the phyllo and the fillings can be from the cream to cheese, and spinach to meat, ham anything you can think off!

Dessert Street Food Loukoumades the honey donuts

Delicious Loukoumades with cinnamon and honey!

Loukoumades is the Greek version of donuts. Made with fried dough, loukoumades must be served warm and they are covered with several different toppings. The most popular is Honey but you can also find them with powdered sugar or praline for example. Crunchy and soft at the same time Loukoumades are extremely popular in Athens!

The Best Street Food Souvlaki in Athens Tour

The best Traditional Souvlaki in Athens
Traditional Souvlaki

A food tour in Greece of course includes the King of Street food, Souvlaki. Before you eat it you must know that souvlaki actually is the meat on the stick. But through the years in South Greece, we mean the street food with the pita and Gyro or souvlaki (kalamaki). Extremely tasty and cheap it is the favorite food for Greeks everywhere. On this tour, you will not just eat souvlaki. We are talking about the best souvlaki in Athens. The same recipe for 60 years now, hand-made and, without tzatziki but with tomato sauce. Yes, the original recipe for souvlaki had tomato sauce and not tzatziki or mustard! By far this is going to be the best souvlaki of your life!

Athens Fish Street food

Fried Anchovies in a cone

Greece is famous for the sea that surrounds it! As you can understand fish is a regular delicacy in our diet. Now we made one of our favorite mezedes street food! Anchovies fried and ready to take them with you! Usually, this is a great meze that you can find at every seaside taverna that respects itself. Small fish in a cone and trust us you will love them!

Peynirli, the Greek version of pizza

The delicious fresh from the oven Peynirli, Athens Street food tour
Peynirli, Athens Street food tour

Even though it does not originally come from Greece we eat it for more than 150 years! This boat-shaped food came to Greece at the end of the 19th century and it is eaten all over the Middle East. The Greek refugees from Smyrna (Izmir) made this food popular with the rest of the country. The recipe originally was cheese with something else,  like pasturma or mincemeat. These days in Greece you can find it with everything! Notably, in some versions tastes like a pizza or a calzone depending on what you fill it with. Eat it fresh!

Greek Olive Oil Lesson

A table with olive oil for the Olive Oil tasting, Athens Street food tour
Olive Oil, Athens Street food tour

After tyropita, souvlaki, and feta what comes next? The amazing Greek Olive oil and the Kalamon olives some of the most famous products of Greece. In fact, this is the heart of the Mediterranean diet. Additionally, you will have the chance to sample different olive oils and olives and learn everything about the production of Greek gold! Learn everything about one of the most healthy products and how Greeks use them in their cuisine. Have in mind that Greece won more than twice as many olive oil awards in 2018 as in the previous year.

The EVOO World Ranking by the World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wines, Liquors, and Others states that Greece won 437 awards in 20 of the contests they considered. Greece is the third country in the production of Olive Oil and first in consumption per person! We love our olive oil which is of the highest quality!Unique culinary experience

This Unique Tour will not only give you the chance to taste several different traditional foods. The Athens Street Food Tour and the amazing 10 tastings is your doorway to the world of the Greek traditional eating! The best street food tour in Athens. Just make sure that you skip breakfast and trust us you will not need any lunch!

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• Walking street food tour in Athens Center

• Explore the Greek culinary scene in one of the city's oldest and graphic neighborhoods

• Breakfast like an Athenian with koulouri

• Bite into classic Greek Tyropita at a shop with 100 years history

• Visit a traditional deli and have a unique olive oil lesson

• Try the best souvlaki in Athens

• Sample fresh fried small fishes

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  • .Best Souvlaki in Athens
  • .Greek Dessert Loukoumades
  • .Local Guide
  • .Olive Oil Lesson
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