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Delphi Day Trip from Athens

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Athens Shore Excursions
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Delphi Day Trip from Athens

Delphi Tour Temple Of Apollo

Delphi is certainly one of the most popular Day trip from Athens. Visit Delphi, the navel of the earth, with a unique Private Full-Day Trip. We will pick you up from the hotel or your cruise ship and head north out of Athens. Enjoy a tour that you will savior for years. Learn about the history of Delphi that stretches back in time to at least 1500 BC. Delphi was thought to be the center of the earth by Zeus but was mostly known because of its oracle. The eternal flame burned in the Temple of Apollo during the Pythian Games, a forerunner of the modern Olympics.

During your Private Day trip from Athens to Delphi, see the physical structures associated with this incredibly long history. Moreover, learn about their rich mythology with the help of your private guide.

The archaeological site of Delphi

The archaeological site of Delphi is one of the most important ones in Greece, second only to the Acropolis of Athens. The magnitude of the Delphi contributions to the entire ancient civilization cannot be overstated.

Many political decisions were taken after consultation of the Oracle, and no colony was founded around the Mediterranean without the consent of the sanctuary at Delphi. In proportion with its immense influence, the settlement at Delphi grew from a small village to an imposing depository of fine Architecture and Art.

At the Delphi, sanctuary excavations have unearthed settlements that date as far back as the Neolithic era. However, evidence of the site’s importance dates back to the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 B.C). Most of the ruins that survive today are witness to the site’s pinnacle which was reached in the 6th c. B.C., and is a testament to the diverse cultural influences that hovered over the sanctuary for nearly a millennium.

Day Trip From Athens, The Legend of Delphi

Legend has it that Zeus released two eagles, one from the east and one from the west, and where they met – at Delphi – was the Navel of the Earth. Indeed, the religious site that subsequently developed here, from the 6th century BC to Roman times, was considered the most important of the ancient world, attracting everyone from leaders to commoners to consult its famous Oracle on matters of war and state to absolution from their sins. Two-and-a-half millennia later, it is astonishing to think that Delphi is still attracting an international audience!

The location

Your first impression will be that Zeus’ eagles clearly had a great eye for a location. On the slopes of Mt Parnassos and with sweeping views across the Pleistos Valley all the way to the sea, the setting was clearly part of the effect. Just the view would have been intoxicating – before the prophecies of Apollo (the god to whom the sanctuary was dedicated) was relayed through the famously vague but none-the-less inspiring utterings of the soothsayer Pythia.

But you’ll learn that there’s much more to Delphi than its Oracle. As the sanctuary grew in stature, so it accumulated wealth. Victorious Athenian, Spartan, Macedonian and other leaders would return with offerings of statues and monuments, which were all housed on the site. And so too were artistic and sporting events held here, including the four-yearly Panhellenic and Pythian Games (second only to the Olympic Games).

Delphi Trip From Athens

The Athenian Treasury at Delphi, Delphi Day Trip From Athens
Athenian Treasury, Delphi Day Trip From Athens
  • The ruins of the Temple of Delphi from the 4th century BC are of a peripteral Doric building
  • The ancient theatre at Delphi was built up the hill with a view of the sanctuary and the valley
  • The Tholos at the sanctuary of Athena Pronoia is a circular building that was constructed between 380 and 360 BC.
  • The Delphi Archaeological Museum houses an impressive collection associated with ancient Delphi. Above all the earliest known notation of a melody and the famous Charioteer. You will also see golden treasures discovered beneath the Sacred Way.

Delphi from Athens, A Day Trip to The Navel of the World

The historical navel of the world, domestic to the mythical Oracle of Apollo, the stage of one of the four Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece, the Pythian Games… Delphi is the maximum sacred site of Ancient Greece and absolutely everyone that visits Greece have to encompass it on their to-do list. Characterized via UNESCO as a “precise artistic achievement” and “magical”, Delphi and the surrounding location have much stuff to offer.

The Castalian Spring

The sacred spring of Delphi is where travelers bathed after the long journey to the sanctuary. If you were here to compete in an athletic event, you might just wash your hair whereas murderers seeking absolution would bathe their entire bodies.

The Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo become constructed at the south-western slope of Mount Parnassus, overlooking the valley of Phocis. Delphi is a place that people visited throughout the centuries from everywhere in the world. Back then, to acquire guidance from Apollo for a burning question, at the same time as today, to witness the testimony to the civilization of Ancient Greece that Delphi bears. The Delphi Oracle was the most well-known Oracle in the historic world. It turned into normally believed that the location in which the Oracle of Apollo became constructed became the ‘Omphalos’, the navel of the world. According to Greek mythology, Zeus released eagles, one from the east and one from the west, and Delphi was the location they met. People believed that Pythia became the medium thru which god Apollo communicated, giving oracles to humans.

Archaeological Site of Delphi

Following the historical route, the “Sacred Way” you will pass through the votive services of powerful city-states like Athens, Sparta and Thebes. After the votive services, you will see the small, elegant buildings, the Treasuries. These were housing the dedications made from Greek city-states to Delphi and Apollo. The Siphnian Treasury stands out as the oldest spiritual shape in mainland Greece made entirely of marble.

The Athenian Treasury

Next comes the Athenian Treasury, which turned into constructed after their victory at the Battle of Marathon. The best preserved of the treasuries containing the monuments and gifts of victorious city-states, this is one of the most impressive buildings on the site. Other treasuries existed (Argos, Siphnian, Boeotian…), but it is the partially reconstructed Athenian Treasury that allows us to understand their function in displaying the gifts. 

Shortly after, you will arrive at the Doric Temple of Apollo, which dominates inside the center of the sanctuary. In the adyton of the temple, Pythia, seated on the divine tripod, carried the words of the god. Just above the Temple, supplying an exquisite panoramic view of the particular landscape, there may be the Theater of Delphi. The musical and dramatic Pythian Games took place here. Leaving the theater, the route leads to the Delphi Stadium, the venue for the Pythian wearing events.

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi

On the wayside of the site lies the wonderful Archaeological Museum, one of the most important museums in Greece. This is the top of your activities in Delphi. The artifacts of the Delphi Museum gift the history of the famed Delphi sanctuary.

Its rich collection includes mainly sculptures, statues, and miniature works, dedications to the sanctuary. This reflects its spiritual, political, and creative activity for the duration of its ancient course, from its founding until its decline within the past due to antiquity. Among its treasures, it hosts the significant marble statue of the Sphinx of Naxos and the well-known Charioteer of Delphi, one of the finest examples of historical bronze sculptures!

The Stadium at Delphi

Moving along the Sacred Way above the theatre, you reach the stadium that, after several renovations, could seat around 6,500 spectators. The Panhellenic and later the Pythian Games were held here every four years, as well as music festivals. This is a magnificent stadium that will make you understand the importance of these games.

After the visit to the archaeological site, you’ll have time for lunch before. After lunch, we will take you back to your hotel or cruise ship concluding your Delphi Day Trip From Athens.


  • Hotel pick-up and private transfer to Delphi
  • An exceptional driver/guide


  • Gratuities
  • Tickets for the archaeological sites
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Licensed Guide available with an additional charge
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  • Lunch

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  • Guided tour of the Temple of Apollo and the world famous Oracle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • See the Athenian Treasure
  • Explore Delphi Museum and see the Charioteer of Delphi
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off included
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  • .Hotel pick-up and private transfer to Delphi
  • .An exceptional driver/guide
  • .Lunch
  • .Tickets for the archaeological sites
  • .Licensed Guide available with additional charge
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