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Trip Planners For Greece

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Trip Planners For Greece

Trip Planners for Greece
  • Stress-Free Planning
  • Custom Itinerary Planning
  • Book your trips in advance
  • Travel on the right day of the week instead of the weekend
  • Tailored made vacation
  • Vacation starts the minute you start planning
  • A real person who is experienced in travel
  • Get the lowest price available
  • No additional fees

Are your looking for Trip Planners for your vacations in Greece? You found them! Private Tour by Delphini Agency LTD is all about the traveler! Since 2002 our philosophy is simple: provide meaningful holidays for travelers. We do it with high quality services, honest advice and understanding of your needs. First of all, we want to discuss your ideas and with our expert help to create an individual itinerary tailored only for you!

Furthermore, we want you to feel like home talking to your family about your perfect vacations. Out target is a travel that matches your unique personality and travel style. We think like a traveler and this is what makes us different from our competitors. We would like for you to have a unique experience and live like a local not just visit the usual places, where everyone goes.

Winery Tour, Athens

Trip Planners for Greece

The Private Tour difference is the unique tailor-made travel itinerary based on your interests and desires. The inspiring journey filled with authentic experiences we want you to cherish a lifetime. The type of personalized service and fine touches that will elevate your trip into a real luxury travel experience.

We are a small team of expert travel agents friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. As a result we are willing to go that extra mile to ensure you have the best holiday. Of course we always want to give you the best price without compromises on the experience. We try to visit as many destinations and hotels as possible in order to have a personal opinion. We also provide our guests with the direct telephone numbers of their individual travel agent and also with emergency telephone numbers.

At the heart is every holiday is, what really matters to you – the solo traveller, honeymoon couple, family with children or group of friends, even the company seeking a meaningful incentive trip to reward and retain your talent.

Temple Of Artemis Vravrona
Temple Of Artemis Vravrona

Tailor-made itinerary

If you have an itinerary in your mind and you want us to fulfill it or to be advised in a more seamless experience you can count on us. If on the other hand have a place that want to visit or a general idea then we will talk with you and give you the best proposal.

Our suggested itineraries and tours help you in two ways. The obvious one is to book it as it is. The second one is to inspire you into creating your own tailor made itinerary. We can also customize all our tour or itineraries in order to match your needs. We respect your habits, and the possible special needs of each and every one of you. People are different and their vacations precious. You should not be tied to an off the shelf tour or itinerary.

Bespoke, well-planned travel itineraries can be crafted for anyone, and can be geared to maximise any travel style, whether free and easy or private tour, a rail journey or self-drive adventure.

Traditional Deli, Acropolis Tour

Private Travel Arrangements

You can enjoy private transfers and guided tours with a private guide. In addition to the excellent Taxi fleet we have for private transfers, we own a brand new Mercedes VIP MiniBus for big families, unseparated parties and special customized tours. Travel at your own pace and enjoy your days as you please, while spending more time in any particular area of your interest.

Are you an urbanite? A die-hard gourmand? Are you a fanatic with cultural and historical sites? Save time and the headache of trying to plan the trip on your own reading maps, informations and reviews. Leave the nitty gritty to passionate, seasoned travellers! Select us as your travel planner and feel sure that you made the best decision for your holidays.

Greece in not just the islands or Athens. Is not only Museums, Archaeological sites and wonderful, crystal water beaches. The destinations are numerous. The connections between them could be very troubling. Ship, Bus, Plane? An organized trip by professionals guarantees the expected services, nothing less, unlike a trip organized by a traveler itself. Save yourself from the anxiety at an unknown destination. Let us help you and give you the whole picture of Greece, incorporated in an itinerary customized to the limited days of your stay. Avoid the high seasons if you do not like big crowds and avoid the low availability during the pick seasons, with the help of our long-term partnerships in travel industry.

Private Van
Private Van

Honest prices

What you see is what you get. By using Trip Planners for your holidays in Greece you avoid paying extra money. You ectually save money! We do not aim to hide any additional costs or trick you in any way. We guarantee the best value for money, which will fit to your budget.


Online payments & Security

Financial protection is a complex issue, particularly in the travel industry. It is, thus, comforting to know your hard-earned money is safe. Following the cutting edge technology, we have developed the “One-Click Payment” tool. A reliable software that cooperates with the information system of the National Bank of Greece and ensures speed, ease and safety to your online payments. There is no need to waste your time on bureaucratic procedures and papers or feel anxious about the safety of your personal information.

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