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Athens Food Tour

Athens Food Tours – Walking and eating in Athens

Athens Food Tours – Walking and eating in Athens

Athens Food Tour

We are Greeks and one of our biggest passions and a very big part of our culture and way of life is food. With our Athens Food Tours, you will eat as true Athenians. Also, we are wildly passionate about great food and our amazing traditional cuisine. Furthermore, we would are delighted to share our love of food with you. Athens, like all big tourist destinations, unfortunately, has a lot of tourist traps. It is very hard even for locals to spot a good restaurant, taverna, or mezedopoleio (meze taverna with shared food). So if you really want to find secret places, the best food in town and avoid even the food tours that are working with the tourist traps you must be careful. By booking one of our Athens Food Tours, you will have the opportunity to experience our passion for great food and hospitality.

Food Hopping tour
Food Hopping tour

Our target is not just food but to make you feel and live a real experience in Athens like a real local. Also, you will enjoy quality Greek food, learn everything about Greek eating habits, have an amazing olive oil lesson, and do it the best possible way. Our tours follow the ritual of eating in Greece. Slow pace, a lot of stops, several different foods so that you will dive into our culture. At the same time, you will find out why eating and drinking beyond the usual time of lunch and dinner is the Greek “way of life” here in Athens.

Put away your guidebooks

Athens Food Tour
Athens Food Tours

Have in mind that guidebooks and rating sites are not the best solutions. It is possible that you will get a decent meal but if you are interested in a true experience then you should book a food tour with Private Tour Athens. We are in constant exploration of the best places in the city. We have discovered the few remaining family-run gems in Athens. Our unique target is that you taste some of the most awesome food in the city!

Join a magnificent food tour and eat at a Taverna or a mezedopoleio. Learn about traditional foods and avoid tourist traps. The tourist Tavernas are located all over the City Center and Plaka and the online reviews are not much help. If you really want to know and taste real Greek food at top quality there are several options that we can offer to you! Also, have in mind that eating in Greece is a ritual. When ordering at a taverna for example menus are designed to be ordered for the table, rather than individual starter-main-dessert. This means that portions of hummus and tzatziki are humongous, and mains might come on their own.

Tourist Traps

As we already mentioned the tourist areas of central Athens, Plaka, Monastiraki, pedestrianized Adrianou Street with its twinkly lights and Acropolis views – are full of overpriced tavernas with mediocre food. Avoid anywhere with someone outside trying to thrust a menu into your hand. Even more so if the menu contains photos and/or international food. Also, have in mind that many food tours are unfortunately these days tourists traps. They have a specific script, they take you to the same places and you will find yourself with big crowds!

Food and History

Furthermore, our tours is the perfect combination for those who love to try Greek cuisine and have a splash of history with it. After all, Greek cuisine has its roots in ancient Greece. It evolved during the ages but the basic food and the way to eat it is the same. Join an amazing tour and tempt your taste buds with classic Greek foods while we walk around the vibrant neighborhoods in Athens!

Athens like all big cities is a moveable feast. Most visitors want much more than the Acropolis and Ancient sites. They want to dive into our culture and are very interested in what are the best spots that a foodie shouldn’t miss? From small deli’s to coffee roasters, from a classic taverna to the best street food, and from the vibrant Central Market to the picturesque Plaka. we have chosen only the best places to snack, learn, sip, and if you want before you leave, stock your suitcase with souvenirs.

We know the best places to eat in Athens!

All of our Athens walking food tours are lead in English and trust us no one knows Greek food in Athens better than us. We have hand-selected our favorite neighborhoods after months of searching. Have in mind that the exploration of the best places never stops. We are constantly checking all the new spots and new neighborhoods for the best gourmet boutiques. Above all, each and every one of our culinary walking experiences involves only the finest foods whilst exploring Athens at the same time.

Do not try to find places on your own. Avoid a meal at a soulless tourist trap. Our local experts will give you info about different places that you should eat beyond the spot that you will visit during the food tour so that you will have a perfect Greek Experience, just like a local! Our mission is to help the best places and family-run businesses to keep the local culture thrive.

Food Tour Beyond Athens, Artemida Food Tour

Furthermore, we have created a brand new food tour at the picturesque small seaside village of Artemida. Only 5 minutes from the airport Artemida has the longest and most known beach in Athens! You will taste amazing local cheese, tsipouro, Tyropita and Spanakopita, seafood meze, souvlaki, and traditional food! Also, you can combine it with some swimming during the summer!

Why Food Tour with Private Tour Athens

Olive Oil Tasting
Olive Oil Tasting

Incredible Food

Live in Athens like a local. Our mission is to take you where we eat with our friends and family—only our favorite tastes & places make the final cut!

Local & Intimate

The heart and soul of our tours are the unique places we visit. Also, we only do small and private groups.

Passionate Guides

Smart, fun, curious—our talented guides are born storytellers with local knowledge & insider access far beyond the guidebooks.

First of all your local Athenian guide will take you to the best places and can change a place if you want to eat something that is not arranged before! We do not have scripted tours! We know everything about Greek Cuisine and our city and we arrange the narrative depending on our guest’s interests!

Why Athens Food Tours?

We have chosen the Plaka and the city center for our Athens food tour because of the area’s flourishing restaurant scene, historical culture, and charming ambiance. It is the oldest part of the City and it is inhabited continuously for more than 3000 years. Furthermore, the area is flourishing with first-class wine bars, fine-dining restaurants, and rare shops, all adding to its appeal as one of the best and most unique food destinations in the world.


It’s easy! You can book tickets online here. Our culinary tour lasts for 3 to 4 hours. Each one involves walking, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear. Please contact us prior to booking your tour to see if we are able to accommodate your dietary needs. Also you can request a custom tour that fits your likings more!

Private Athens Walking Food Tours




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