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Taverna Food

Athens Greek Food Guide

Athens Greek Food Guide

Taverna Food

Athens is the perfect place to learn taste and explore the Greek food with a guide. It is a pretty big city with almost half of the Greek population living here. As you can imagine you can find everything you wish to eat. There are amazing restaurants everywhere that serves all types of different cuisines. This Guide though will emphasize in the Greek food and the eating habits of locals in order to help you avoid the tourist traps.

Breakfast and snacks Greek Food

Koulouri, Athens Greek Food Guide
Koulouri, Athens Greek Food Guide

Greeks are not big with breakfast. Even though they have great choices their breakfast is usually a cup of coffee. This is how they start the day before going to work. Their “breakfast” is a snack like koulouri or a pie. Now pies are one of Greeks favorite foods. We have different versions of pies. There is a street food pie and the pie you can eat at home or at a taverna. The street food pie is for breakfast and there are amazing varieties for every taste!

Breakfast pies in Greece

Tyropita, Athens Greek Food Guide
Tyropita, Athens Greek Food Guide

You can find them everywhere and the bakeries! The most known that you will find everywhere are:

  • Tyropita (cheese pie)
  • Spanakopita (pie with spinach)
  • Spanakotiropita (spinach and cheese)
  • Zabon Tiropita (ham, cheese and tomato sauce)
  • Loukanikopita (phyllo with sausage)
  • Kotopita (chicken pie)
  • Bougatsa with cream (this is a sweet pie with cinnamon and powder sugar)
  • Bougatsa with cheese (like tyropita but with a special phyllo)
Greek Traditional Pies
Greek Traditional Pies

Their prices depending on the bakery or cafe that you will buy them is from 2-4 euro.

So koulouri and pies are the most eaten breakfast in Greece. At the same time the same food are great snacks and you can find them practically all day long everywhere in the city.

Lunch and Dinner food in Athens and Greece

This is where things get serious and the full choices of the Greek Mediterranean kitchen goes full throttle! Greeks loves food and they have a lot of different ways to cook.

Grilled meat

Paidakia, Lamb Chops
Paidakia, Lamb Chops

A classic choice with pork and beef steaks, lamb chops, kontosouvli, and souvlaki are some of the best choices. You can eat them with a salad and tzatziki and you will be a true local. Light food, well cooked and extremely tasty!

Greek home cooking


When we talk about cooking food in Greece we are mostly talking about magirefta (the food that is cooked in a pot or in an oven pat. This can be fish, seafood, meat, pasta, rice, legumes, and of course vegetables. Garlic, Spices, Onions, Tomatoes, honey, and most certainly olive oil are the ingredients that make the difference.

Ladera Athena Greek Food


This is the food that every family in Greece eat mostly during the week. The name actually means with olive oil so you can easily guess that is the heart of Mediterranean cuisine. Their base is different vegetables and Greeks love eating them with feta cheese. You cannot have ladera without feta cheese. It is a crime! This food is hard to find in a restaurant. You have a food chance to find them at an old school Taverna. The recipes are endless but the most known ones are:

  • Briam (zucchini, eggplant, tomato, garlic, potatoes, and olive oil)
  • Imam (eggplant, tomato, olive oil, garlic, onions, and parsley)
  • Gemista (tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers stuffed with rice)
  • Fasolakia (green beans with potatoes, olive oil, and tomato)
  • Gigantes (roasted giant broad beans with tomato)
  • Lahanodolmades (cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice)
  • Fasolada (beans soup with tomato, onions, and olive oil)
  • Fakes (Lentils soup with tomato, garlic, olive oil, and laurel)

You should try and taste all these foods. As you can see we have not mentioned moussaka and Pastitsio. These dishes are extremely known and very tasty around the world but this is the problem with them. It is hard to find at a restaurant a good moussaka or pastitsio. Reading the Athens Greek food guide will help you make a list of dishes in order to taste them once you are in Greece!

Magirefta or moms Greek food

Athens Greek food soutzukakia
Athens Greek food soutzoukakia

Magirefta or mom’s food is similar to Ladera but they include meat or fish. Olive oil and tomatoes are again everywhere! In Greece, the food has either lemon or tomatoes, and in both cases, they have olive oil!

  • Giouvarlakia (meatballs soup with rice and lemon)
  • Soutzoukakia (meatballs with tomato sauce, cumin and served with rice or pasta or puree)
  • Kokkinisto (meat, chicken, or beef with tomato sauce and pasta)
  • Lemonato  (meat chicken, pork, or beef with lemon and garlic served with rice)
  • Spetsofai (sausages with peppers, tomato, and olive oil)
  • Papoutsakia (similar to moussaka, it is eggplant with bechamel and minced meat)
  • Katsikaki ladorigani (lamp kid with olive oil and garlic with potatoes

Greek Sweets


The dessert part is my favorite! We will need 50 pages to describe the Greeks sweets as they differ a lot depending on which part of Greece you are in. Baklavas, Galaktoboureko, loukoumades, Ravani, Apple pie are the most common ones and you can find them everywhere. Also, there is the delicious Greek yogurt with the honey of spoon sweets! Try it both ways and you will remember the taste forever!

katsikaki ladorigani
katsikaki ladorigani

Athens Greek Food Guide is a very good way to make a list of the best Greek foods. If you try them you will have a pretty good idea of the real Greek food and the way locals eat! You can also read about our street food guide, how and what to eat at a taverna, and of course join our amazing Athens food tours!

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