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Souvlakia Greek Street Food Guide

Greek Street Food Guide – The ultimate way to eat like a local in Greece

Greek Street Food Guide – The ultimate way to eat like a local in Greece

Souvlakia Greek Street Food Guide

If you are planning a trip to Greece than you will need this Greek Street Food guide. Learn fast what you must eat in Athens and Greece while sightseeing!

So, which this is a list of the most important and tasty street food that you must eat while you are in Greece:

  • Koulouri
  • Souvlaki
  • Tyropita (cheese pie with phyllo pastry)
  • Bougatsa
  • Peynirli
  • Grilled corn
  • Little fish in a cone

Breakfast in Greece

When you visit Greece you will find out that breakfast is not very popular with the locals. Consequently, most Greeks grab a coffee and a tyropita (cheesepie) or a Koulouri and go to work. This is a common breakfast in Greece, so basically street food is how Greeks start their day. As a result, if you start your day with street food it is easy to have a large street food culture! Enjoy this guide and book a unique food tour in Athens.

Souvlaki the King of Greek Street Food

Two delicious Souvlakia, Greek Street food Guide
Souvlakia, Greek Street food Guide

We are talking about one of the most famous dishes in Greece and the absolute street food. First thing to remember, souvlaki  can be found  in every corner and the smell will lead the way! It is not very easy passing by a souvlaki shop and avoid eating one. We are talking about the ultimate king of Food in Greece! It has everything, salad (tomato and onions), greek yogurt, garlic, potatoes, pita and of course meat. Most important souvlaki is cheap. With 5 euro max you can eat 2 souvlaki and trust me you will not be able to eat any more! In fact you can choose from many different souvlaki! Pork, Chicken, lamp, beaf, kebab. With tzatziki or mustard. Choose gyros or kalamaki (meat on a stick). We have even made vegan souvlaki with mushrooms or halloumi cheese! Souvlaki is extremely tasty, healthy and cheap! If you do not want to eat it with a pita you can just try only the Kalamaki (meat on a stick). Delicious and originally the real souvlaki. Usually you can find a pork and a chicken souvlaki, but you can also find it with beef. Enjoy it!

Koulouri the Greek snack

Delicious Koulouri, Greek Street food Guide
Koulouri, Greek Street food Guide

At the second place is a street food that there is not one Greek that has not eaten. We are talking about the Koulouri! You can find it in schools, bakeries, in the street, cafe, super markets… Well everywhere literally! Also, you can eat it as a sandwich or with some cheese. Very tasty and the good ones are crunchy! Koulouri is a circular bread covered with sesame seeds. That’s it! Eat one and you will be ok for hours! We are talking for a 50 cents snack that you can buy everywhere! Buy a couple of koulouria and start your walking tours at the museums, the Acropolis, the monuments, the beaches! Koulouri is good no matter what time it is!

Tyropita the Queen of Greek Pies

Amazing pies and Tyropita, Greek Street Food Guide
Tyropita, Greek Street Food

At a close second position after koulouri is tyropita. Pies are pretty big in Greece. Have in mind that we make pies with everything! Tyropita though is the most popular pie in Greece by far. With Feta cheese, gouda, graviera, kaseri are some of the cheeses that you will find tyropita filled with. A very popular breakfast in Greece and a snack during the day. Greece has amazing choices of cheese and it made sense to create an easy to cook food that you can take it with you.

Fan fact, pies in Greece are with filo. Filo or phyllo is a very thin unleavened dough. We use it to make both pastry and pies and we have many different kinds of filo. Also, we use it for baklava and for cheese pie (tyropita). Also, tyropita comes with several different filo like kourou, horiatiko, puff pastry, and bougatsa. Just grab one!

Bougatsa, street food from the North

Tasty Mpougatsa with custard cream, Greek Street food Guide
Mpougatsa, Greek Street food Guide

Bougatsa comes from Byzantine times and is most popular in Thessaloniki. But you find it all over Greece now. Now, bougatsa is basically the filo, the filling can be anything you can think of. Also, it is mostly known as a sweet bougatsa with cream served with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Also, you can also eat it with mincemeat or cheese.

Peynirli, the amazing snack

Fresh Peynirli the boat shaped street food

Grilled Corn

Grilled Corn and chestnuts, Athens street food
Grilled Corn

Another popular street food is grilled corn that can be found more often during the summer. The sellers use their cobs to roast chestnuts in the winter and autumn. Tastier than popcorn is one of the favorite summer snacks in Greece. During the summer no matter where you are you will found some in the evening hours. The sellers will grill it in front of you and add some salt before they hand it to you! This a safe snack for all kids!

Little Fish Fried

Fried Anchovies in a cone, the new amazing street food snack
Fried Anchovies

A new entry to street food is fried fish. This is an amazing delicacy that we usually at fish and meze tavernas. Now you can find it in a cone and enjoy it while strolling around the city. There is also a great variety that you can taste, anchovies, fried squib, and smelt. So if you are close to Syntagma Square do not lose the opportunity to taste a cone with fish!

If you are interested in tasting the Greek specialties you can choose one of our food tours!





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