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Loukoumades, Tastes and Traditions Food Tour

What is Loukoumades? The classic Greek dessert!

What is Loukoumades? The classic Greek dessert!

Loukoumades, Tastes and Traditions Food Tour

What is Loukoumades? Why should you try them? Well, this is a very food question! Loukoumades is one of the best and oldest Greek Desserts. You can say that they are the Greek Donuts, but trust us they are much more tasteful. Loukoumades are crunchy and in their original form, they are served with honey syrup and cinnamon. These days they have modern versions and you can eat them beyond the honey syrup. For example, you can have praline on top or if you like ice cream. No matter how you eat them you will love them!

Greeks love them and they are easy to be found in the center of the city. Above all this dessert is a large part of the Greek culture. Since it takes a lot of time to prepare them at home Greeks usually had them after the family Sunday lunch.

The History of Loukoumades

Fresh Loukoumades on a plate
Fresh Loukoumades on a plate

As you can understand Loukoumades is a very popular food for Greeks. With this in mind if you are in Athens you must try them. Therefore in Athens, you can find them everywhere! You can eat them as street food walking around with them or even better after your lunch with a cup of Greek Coffee! With almonds, honey syrup, praline, ice cream, or any other way you like!

This is a dessert that you will find in variations in Cyprus, Iraq, India, Turkey, Lebanon. Loukoumades have a history from the ancient years. Archestratus the ancient Greek poet, describes a very similar dessert to loukouma. A dough ball fried in olive oil. Enkris was the name of the ancient dessert and you can found in Deipnosophists 13 mentions, in various inflected forms, The Deipnosophists.

Also, In Greece, we consider Loukoumades the oldest recorded dessert. We can track Loukoumades back to the first Olympic Games of 776 B.C. This dessert was served to the winners as “honey tokens.”

Some of the places that you can find them in the heart of Athens is Krinos, Lukumades, and Ktistakis behind Omonia square.


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