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Plaka, Anafiotika Athens

Athens like a local, a real experience!

Athens like a local, a real experience!

Plaka, Anafiotika Athens

Athens is the perfect city to live like a local! A marvelous city with great monuments, museums, walks. Moreover, the capital of Greece also has great beaches and mountains. The best way to visit this city is to have someone to introduce you to the city or have a private tour. The shared big tours are not the best way to visit a big city. Big group tours seem cheaper but think again! They are not actually!

There are a lot of places that big group tours cannot take you to the hidden spots and treasures of a city. There is no way that the travel agencies can take time to talk to 40-50 people one on one to see what they really like or what they really want.

So you can have your personal guide or have a local to walk you through the city and the best of places to see, eat and drink! This is the best way to enjoy Athens and learn everything you want about the city that is made for walking around! Sure you can search the net for information. Though you will end up with a lot of info and not all of them are precise. You could end up at places that are closed or out of business!

Meet a local guide in Athens

A local can help you with your itinerary around the city, talk to you about the history of the places. Most important he can tell you what is the best way and how to get there. Which place should you visit by foot, metro or taxi! Organizing a trip to a big city is hard! Save yourself from the anxiety and do it the easy way! Therefore, just arrange a small walk in the city with your local guide. Also, have a food tour or a lunch or dinner and get all the info first hand! You should always know that the center of the city is not where locals go to! For example, there are a lot off the beaten path places around Athens. Getting it is easy. Walk there or get the metro and in 10-20 minutes you will escape from the tourist places.

How will you find the off beaten path places if a local does not tell where to go? To sum up, the best way for you to live like a local in Athens is to get a local guide!

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