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Artemida Beach

Why Visit Athens, Greece?

Why Visit Athens, Greece?

Artemida Beach

Why Visit Athens Greece? Athens is a historic city that attracts many tourists. They explore numerous historical places in the Capital of Greece. It is for many years a must-visit destination in Europe for Acropolis, the history of Democracy, culture, art, monuments, and food. The unique landmarks will travel you back to the times of Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Euripides, and all the people that shaped the western civilization.

The Museums in Athens

Acropolis and Museum Evening Tour
Acropolis Museum

Some of the greatest museums of the world are in Athens like the National Archeological Museum, Acropolis museum, the Byzantine, the Mpenaki, and many more. The City itself is a museum. You can see artifacts even at the metro station! You’ll also love to shop for handmade souvenirs and stylish clothing from many local fashion boutique houses. There are also many trendy cafes, restaurants, and bars to have food and drinks.

Athens Wineries

Visit Athens Wineries
Visit Athens Wineries

Winery Tour, Athens

Athens’s hidden treasures are its wineries around the city just 30 minutes by car. Winemaking has a history of 5000 years in Attica. Ancient Athenians loved wine and the modern Athenians continued the ancient traditions. You must visit a winery while you are in Athens.


But Athens is much more than just the monuments, the Temples, and the Museums. It is a great city to walk to the historic center. It has many great beaches just minutes from the center. Athens is surrounded by many mountains that you can walk and admire the forests.

The Parnitha Mountain

The Parnitha Mountain the highest in Athens (1400m) is a national Park with unique nature. Perfect for hikers and nature lovers. Full of pine trees Parnitha has 30 mammal species (deer, rabbits, foxes, etc), 120 bird species (many of which are endemic), and 800 different plant and herb species (covering 17% of the country’s flora).

Visit Panos Cave in Athens

Visit Athens, Cave Parnitha
Visit Athens, Cave Parnitha

In the Ancient times, Greeks used to believe that the cloven-hoof god Pan lived at the mountain. They thought that he came to the forest and played his flute while dancing in the forest. In his honor, they made a “Temple” at a Cave, the Panos Cave. It is only accessible through a gorge, by climbing on a slope that is difficult to approach. It took its name from the worship of Nymph and Pan. Archeologists found 2.000 oil lamps in it. It has two rooms and rich decoration of stalagmites and stalactites, while the rocks around the cave have holes where people used to put their votive offerings.

It was the Mycenaeans that first inhabited the mountain as a key point area for the defense of Athens. For that purpose, they built the Filis Fortress. It is located on the west slopes of the mountain at an altitude of 687 m. It was built in the 4th century B.C. in a critical position (on the ruins of an older fortress) and with a great view of the area. In the SE part of the fortress along the way that led to Athens, you can still see marks of carriage wheels on the rocks.

Walk on hundreds of footpaths, take a mountain bike ride on a designated trail in the area of Agios Merkourios, explore dozens of small caves and visit a lot of beautiful churches and monasteries (Agia Triada, Moni Kleiston, Moni Agiou Kyprianou, etc).

Visit the Beaches around Athens

Visit Lake Vouliagmeni
Visit Lake Vouliagmeni

The beaches surrounding Athens are great. You do not have to go to a Greek island to have a swim. There are many Great beaches everywhere. Artemida, Porto Rafti, Marathon, Schinias, Vouliagmeni, Floisvos, Anavyssos, Sounio, Legrena, and on top of all the magnificent lake Vouliagmeni (with seawater).

So Athens has it all. History, Monuments, great food, and wine. Mountains with great nature and wonderful beaches. You can visit Athens for a weekend to see the history and the center of the City or during spring, summer and fall to have a swim and walk at the nature of the city. This is why you should visit Athens, Greece.

Contact us in order to plan your trip to Athens and Greece and enjoy a wonderful vacation!

Best time to visit Athens, Greece

Summer (May to August)

Summer is the highest season and you can expect big tourist crowds around this time of the year

May is the best time to visit as it is the beginning of the high season and the weather isn’t as extreme

You can witness Athens and Epidaurus Festival in May, as well

July to August are the hottest months

The average temperature is 30°C

Autumn (September to November)

September to November is the best time to enjoy your trip in Athens

The weather is warm during the day and it gets pleasantly chill in the evenings

Towards the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, it starts to be a bit rainier

Hotel room rates and airfare drops during this time

Expect a fewer crowd of tourists

Winter (December to February)

The weather is mildly cold and sometimes rainy

You can also expect snowfall

The temperature rarely goes down below -5°C

There are lesser crowds as this is the low season for this city

Spring (March to April)

March and April are the months most recommended to visit as it is still low season, the weather starts to be warmer but a bit chilly at nights and there are fewer tourists

Hotel room rates and airfare drops at this time, as well

You can enjoy the religious event Easter during this time



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